Please find a list of our current products below. Please contact us on 0845 458 8803 if you require any further information.

  • Vpod. The Vpod provides accelerated graphics to RISC OS 6 computers.
  • Unipod. The Unipod combines three of our most popular upgrades in one podule, USB, Network and IDE. Find out more about the Unipod.
  • The A6 range. The A6, A6+ and A6T4 are new RISC OS compatible computers, providing better than StrongARM performance at ARM7500 prices.
  • PC’s. A range of PC base units, sensibly specified. More about PC base units…
  • Parts and Accessories. We can supply a range of computer parts and accessories. 
  • Networking Products. Items for PC and Acorn networking.
  • RISC OS Products. Our products for RISC OS machines – including mouse interfaces, network cards etc.
  • USB Products. A range of USB products for use on RISC OS and PC machines.Uninterruptible Power Supply. A sensibly priced and specified UPS.
  • USB scanner with Transparency Lid. Epson Perfection 1660 Photo USB scanner with Transparency Lid.