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Iyonix Stability Motherboard Update

Stuart Tyrrell Developments, in association with Simtec Electronics Ltd are able to perform the Iyonix Motherboard Update which enables a 32-bit configuration jumper to be added to the Iyonix motherboard.

The use of this jumper is understood to enhance the stability of Iyonix machines. Further details may be found here

The service includes:

Test of machine prior to rework.
Strip down of machine and fitting of 32-bit jumper.
Fitting of reset line modifications.
Reassembly of machine.
Functionality and electrical safety test.

The service costs £50 inc VAT but excluding carriage. Carriage may be arranged at cost, or machines may be taken after prior arrangement to Simtec's offices near Preston.

In order to order this service, please telephone Stuart Tyrrell Developments on 0845 458 8803 in the first instance to arrange a suitable appointment.

Please note that this service is only offered via Stuart Tyrrell Developments. Please do not contact Simtec directly unless you have a single batch of more that 25 machines to submit. Any enquiries of less than 25 machines will be referred back to Stuart Tyrrell Developments.

We have been asked to clarify that similar rework is available elsewhere (including direct from CTL) and that current machines should ship with the fixes in place. Stuart Tyrrell Developments and Simtec are not acting as agents to CTL with regards to this offer.

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Stuart Tyrrell Developments is a trading name of Advantage Six Ltd.
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