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Wakefield 2003

Stuart Tyrrell Developments are proud to sponsor the Wakefield 2003 show.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to exhibit at a RISC OS show?

Here are some movies which show the view from our stand at Wakefield 2002. We set up a webcam recording at 1 frame per second, and these have been shrunk from their original 640x480 to 320x240, compressed and time-lapsed.

In order to keep the size somewhere reasonable, the files have been DIVX compressed, and so must be played with a DIVX codec, available from Unfortunately at this time there is no publically available divx client for RISC OS machines.

Warning Each file is around 18-20 Megabytes long (the original compressed AVI's were 800-900MB!). The 3fps files are designed such that they could be streamed to a 56K modem, but we cannot currently stream - you will have to download files in full before playing them. This may take a few moments.

Saturday 18th May 2002.
Source 1fps, time lapsed to 25fps and 3fps

Sunday 19th May 2002.
Source 1fps, time lapsed to 25fps and 3fps

2003 SHOW
This year the camera was positioned to view more of the stand.....

Saturday 10th May 2003.
Source 1fps, time lapsed to 25fps and 3fps

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