RISC OS Products

Below are some of our products for RISC OS machines.


A low profile interface which allows the use of PS/2 style mice on RISC OS machines which are fitted with a standard Acorn-style mouse port. See our “mice” page for mice and trackballs 

STD Standard Mouse

A quality Genius mouse, adapted for use with machines fitted with an Acorn-style mouse port using PS2MouseMini technology. 


10/100BaseT network card for RiscPC/A7000. Flash upgradeable, includes BootP client. See networking page for pack prices etc. 
£59 (while stocks last)

USB Card

Simtec USB expansion podule for RISC OS machines 
now only £89 inc VAT and carriage. 

Multimedia Keyboard

19 Multimedia keys. With drivers for RISC OS machines and PC. 

Keyboard Controlled Switch

A microprocessor-controlled switch box which enables two machines to share a keyboard, monitor and mouse. PS2MouseMini interface required for use with RISC PC machines. Please see our Switch Box pages for more information.

Switches include all cables.

Keyboard Controlled Switch : £89 
KCS + PS2MouseMini Pack : £99 
4-port Keyboard Controlled switch (for 4 machines) : £129 
4 port KCS + PS2MouseMini Pack: £139

Iyonix users will require a suitable USB to PS/2 interface: £22.50