Unipod is our multi-function podule for the RiscPC and A7000/A7000+ The major functions of this podule are:

USB10/100 NetworkingFast IDEOther functions are:Enhanced econet-compatible expansion portSimple printer port (future upgrade option)Flash storageFeatures:CompactUser UpgradableAffordable

Unipod was launched in April 2004. It may be purchased with any combination of 32-bit USB, 32-bit Networking and/or 32-bit IDE enabled, or as a fully enabled card with all three functions available. Other functions can simply be added after purchase with no requirement to return the card.


  • Unipod with one function enabled (USB, NET or IDE) : £99.00inc
  • Enable one further function (at purchase time or later) : £25.00inc
  • Unipod with 32-bit USB, Networking and IDE) : £139.00inc