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MassFS Support

New MassFS Devices

!MassFS 1.00 or later is required to make use of this feature. Contact us or your prefered dealer to purchase.

The Unipod (with USB) comes with MassFS as standard, it is an optional extra for the USB Podule.

Follow the link to download the latest version of the OtherDevs file.

This version provides initial support for user provided device/flag pairs. User provided settings may not have been verified, and no support is offered on the use of any hardware not supplied by us.

Thanks are due to those who have contributed, credit is given for each device in the "Submitted by" line. If we've got your name wrong let us know!

We will verify as many of these as we can as quickly as we can, but in the meantime at least they are available.

(sorry about the delay on this - we've had a lot of other stuff to cope with, please bear with us)

To use this file, replace the existing version inside the installed !MassFS directory. The default location for MassFS install is !Boot.Resources. You will need to restart !MassFS or reboot your machine to pick up the changes.

The filename should be OtherDevs and the filetype should be "text" (&fff).

The following file was last updated on: 9th Nov 2004
Download OtherDevs

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