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Advent Charity Draw

Welcome to today's draw.

Day Fifteen (15/12/2004)

Today's prize is:


Wireless Laser hand-track trackball: Finger-operated wireless trackball with built-in laser pointer. Perfect for presentations, confusing the cat, or role playing whilst cackling "No, Mr Bond, I expect you to Die!".

(even low-power lasers such as in the wireless laster hand-track trackball can damage sight when used inappropriately - do not really use it to confuse the cat or attempt to melt Bond's whatsits).

Works directly on A7000 series or other machines with PS/2 port. RiscPC requires our PS2MouseMini interface or similar.

More information about this product can be found here.

RRP: £29.95

Suggested donation to charity £15.00

Draw code: "better than tablets"

How to enter the draw

Ensure you have read the draw terms and conditions here

Send an email to as follows:

The subject line must contain the draw code, above.

The body of the message must contain your name and full UK postal address.

Christmas is traditionally a time to consider those who may be less fortunate than ourselves, and at Stuart Tyrrell Developments we would like to take the opportunity of this series of draws to encourage participants to make a personal donation to a registered charity of their choice.

At Christmas time, we at Stuart Tyrrell Developments choose to support Shelter - further details of this charity and its work may be found at

If you are the winner of the draw, the prize will be sent to you completely free of charge.

A list of previous winners may be found here.

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