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Advent Charity Giveaway - Winners

The winners of our Advent Charity Giveaway are:

Day 1: Draw code = inflatable christmas tree
Ps2MouseMini won by Alisdair Millard, Hamps

Day 2: Draw code = delicate breakable bauble
170MB 8 bit internal IDE won by Michael Bordcherds, Sutton Coldfield

Day 3: Draw code = bang! very predictable
DigiFlash X won by James Scholes, Nottingham

Day 4: Draw code = more stable tinsel
Pocket RISC OS won by Andrew Duffell, Yarm; Andrew Poole, Northwich; Gary Jones, Radcliffe; S H Curry, Devon and Andy McMullon, Hook

Day 5: Draw code = cabled with light
Genius Optical Mouse won by Evan Clark, East Lothian

Day 6: Draw code = Woe Flammable horror!
800K floppy drive won by Richard Olivey, Fareham

Day 7: Draw code = Fabled Fat Man
8MB Compact Flash card won by Micheal Towse, Driffield

Day 8: Draw code = From Gable Fell
FPA10 won by Andrew Wickham, Leeds.

Day 9: Draw code = Constable questions quantity
A6 remote won by Michael Emerton, Hemel Hempstead.

Day 10: Draw code = Merry Sherry tablespoon!
A3000 4MB upgrade won by Joel Snape, Haverhill

Day 11: Draw code = suspicious sack, valuables?
Pocket RISC OS won by Martin Dann, Bristol; Mr A J Wingate, Brighton; Julian Benton, Glamorgan; Kevin Wells, Deal and Stephen Salmon, Rayleigh.

Day 12: Draw code = not valuables, vegetables!
Unipod unlock won by Mark Foweraker, Caerphilly

Day 13: Draw code = specific vegetable - carrots
MEMC1A won by Mr Wesley Kilford, Southampton

Day 14: Draw code = enable night vision
A5000 2-4MB won by Andrew Duffell, Yarm

Day 15: Draw code = better than tablets
Wireless Laser handtrack won by David Thorn, London

Day 16: Draw code = to enable navigation
RISC OS 3.11 + carrier won by Emily Hutchinson, Harrogate

Day 17: Draw code = less portable though
3-button mouse won by Edward Donnelly, Brockenhurst

Day 18: Draw code = and more perishable
Pocket RISC OS won by James Scholes, Nottingham; Chris ward, Kettering; Simon Pyatt, Birmingham; Richard Hallas, Huddersfield and Emily Hutchinson, Harrogate.

Day 19: Draw code = fresh from stable
PS2MouseMini won by Alex Macfarlane Smith, Dundee

Day 20: Draw code = keep perishables cool
Unipod unlock won by Cristina McDowall, Devon

Day 21: Draw code = much more palatable
IDE Podule won by Mike Morris, Burnley

Day 22: Draw code = and useable vitamins
A305/A310 4MB upgrade won by Ursula Bingham, Sittingbourne

Day 23: Draw code = friable carrot cake
Digiflash 2 won by Simon Collinge, Blackpool

Day 24: Draw code = makes delectable crumbs
Fully unlocked Unipod won by James Scholes, Nottingham

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